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 Est . 1990             Family Owned & Operated ; History to current             Meet the team


Started by Wayne & Sheila Buffan, they entered the flooring industry after transitioning from the logistic industry. Wayne co-founded Speedy Cartage in Brampton, Ontario before embarking into the flooring industry. Opening their first location in Bolton, Ontario off of Hwy 50 under the name The Carpet Barn. They soon after opened the second location in the town of Uxbridge. A fitting community to operate a business as well as raise 5 kids. For many years both business grew with the industry as they adapted to selling all floor coverings. Thus changing the name of The Carpet barn to The Flooring Barn. In 2008 Wayne passed away after a hard fought battle with cancer. The choice to close the Bolton Carpet Barn location was a hard but necessary one as Brent (Sheila & Waynes oldest) felt it was needed for the growth of the company to continue.  The Flooring Barn is "Where Fashion Meets Floors" and will continue in Wayne's honor.  

Sheila Buffan

Sheila, opened The Flooring Barn in 1990 in Uxbridge Ontario and has been the only Flooring Store to stand the test of time. Due to her exceptional customer service and ability to find the perfect floor for any budget. Sheila is always striving to be a great part of the community and keep local business alive by proving time and time again, there is no service like home town service. A mother of 5 , she operates The Flooring Barn with her oldest son Brent.


Brent Buffan

Brent, having grown up in the business setting his whole life, took over duties after his father passed. With a natural creative approach he has taken The Flooring Barn into it's next stage. Brent takes after his mother with the ability to provide solutions and design choices for any scope of project. From sale to site , if you deal with The Flooring Barn there is good chance you will meet Brent during the process.  He coined the companies tagline "Where Fashion Meets Floors" for good reason as The Flooring Barn continues  to be the choice for flooring for over 30 years. 

The Flooring Barn has the most reliable and trusted installation and sales teams in the industry. including 

  • Hardwood and laminate installations

  • Vinyl and Tile Installations

  • Cork and Bamboo installations

  • Carpet Installation 

  • Luxury Vinyl Installation 


All crews have multiple references and multiple customers that will open their doors to let you critique The Flooring Barns installations giving you a first hand look at your final product before you decide. 

Stay tuned in 2020 as The Flooring Barns network of trusted trades launches a renovations services to help clients from sale to site complete projects of all sizes. Contact us for more details. 

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